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 Weekly Rate:  $1170 for up to 6 people
                                                                                                  Plus $130 cleaning fee per stay
                                                                                     $150 for each additional person over 6.
$600 deposit

Mountain Majesty Rental Agreement

Thank you for choosing Mountain Majesty for your vacation rental.  You will undoubtedly enjoy Mountain Majestyís view and its many comforts.  I would like to make sure that your stay at Mountain Majesty is safe, relaxing and memorable. 

Please review the house rules below, sign this agreement, and fax it to Tom Darrow at 770-992-3521 or scan and e-mail it to TomDarrow@talentconnections.net

The rental fee is $1170 for up to six people and $150 for each additional person over six.  In addition, there is a $130 cleaning fee.  The non-refundable deposit is $600 and is payable via PayPal to:  tomdarrow@talentconnections.net

Mountain Majesty is our mountain retreat.  It was custom built with care by top-notch professionals, our family and friends.  We donít rent it often but mostly use it for ministry and personal purposes.  Hard work was put into Mountain Majesty for your enjoyment.  Thank you in advance for treating Mountain Majesty in a respectful manner.

House Rules

  1. Rental is at your own risk.  Owner is not responsible for personal injury, property damage, acts of nature, or acts of God
  2. No smoking inside or outside
  3. No pets inside or outside
  4. No house party groups
  5. No burning of wood outside
  6. Garbage will be removed from inside the cabin at check-out
  7. All lost or broken items are Renterís responsibility
  8. No guns, firearms, or illegal substances on property
  9. Mountain Majesty will be treated in a respectful manner

The undersigned Renter agrees to comply with the above house rules.   

Arrival is on Saturday,  ________________ after 3:00 P.M. and departure on Friday, ________________ by 10:00a.m.

If there is any problem, we agree to contact Tom Darrow at 770-992-3701, prior to departing. 

_____________________________________                         ________________________________

Thomas M. Darrow, Owner                                                               Renter:

Renter Name (Please print):__________________________________

Renter E-mail:____________________________________  Date:____________________________

Renter Address:_______________________________________________________________

Renter Cell Phone:__________________________  Number of people as part of rental party:______________