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Mountain Majesty was truly created by God through the hands of many talented and dedicated people. Thank you to the builders of Mountain Majesty!

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Original Lot

Ribbon cutting


Removing trees

Cleared lot



Basement framing


Second floor framing






Cutting off the point


Staining doors

Lunch break during staining

Staining the siding

Staining the siding

Installing the glass


Preparing for carpet

The staining crew




Cross glass installed

Sealing the fireplace

Moving in

Moving in

Moving in

Finishing the gazebo

Tinting the windows

Pouring the driveway

Picture Descriptions

  1. The lot before we begin.

  2. 7:00 a.m. on October 11, 1996. Dan and Lisa join me for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

  3. Robert starts the excavation process as the first tree is removed.

  4. Over 60 trees were removed to make room for Mountain Majesty.

  5. The basement and main level is cleared.

  6. The basement foundation is formed.

  7. The basement and main level cement foundation is poured.

  8. The basement ceiling trusses are in place.

  9. I Damtite the main floor foundation wall. This waterproofing of the outside AND inside of the foundation walls is one of the many quality enhancements of Mountain Majesty.

  10. The basement framing is almost complete.

  11. A crane sets the first ceiling truss (view from above and behind Mountain Majesty).

  12. A crane sets the final ceiling truss (view from below Mountain Majesty).

  13. The framing from behind.

  14. The framing from the front.

  15. The center ceiling beam is set in place.....BY HAND!

  16. Pete cuts off the center point of the roof!

  17. The water and power lines are buried in the driveway.

  18. Dave and Deb (brother-in-law and sister) stain a bedroom door. Dave made all of the cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathrooms. He also made the mantle, the Brazilian cherrywood cabinet surrounding the Jacuzzi, and the loft desk cabinet. Dave made these back home in Wisconsin and Mom and Dad drove them down.

  19. Dad, Debbie (sister), Mike (Brother), Jenny (sister), Dave (brother-in-law) and I take a lunch break after a day of staining and varnishing interior doors and trim. Family and friends stained all the wood within Mountain Majesty!

  20. Angela and Michael show off their staining of the cedar siding.

  21. Eric and I stain the siding on the back of Mountain Majesty.

  22. The prow windows are installed! It took 5 men a day and a half to install all the fixed glass in Mountain Majesty. The largest piece (8 foot by 6 foot) weighs over 300 pounds.

  23. The drywall is finished.

  24. Lisa vacuums the master bedroom.

  25. Doug, JoEllen, John, Jenna, and Liz show off their trim staining.

  26. Lisa and Teri showcase Mountain Majesty.

  27. Liz and I pose with the camera during a break from staining.

  28. Paul, Susannah, Jim and Deborah take a lunch break on the upper deck after paint priming.

  29. Pete and Kevin install the cross glass above the fireplace mantle.

  30. Dad cleans and seals the Arizona river rock in the fireplace.

  31. Moving Day! August 24, 1997.

  32. Dad, Eric, Lisa and I pose in Atlanta with the rental moving truck loaded and pointed north!

  33. Me, Lisa and Dad relax in the great room during furniture moving day.

  34. The shingles are installed on the gazebo.

  35. Tint is added to the interior of the windows. Since Mountain Majesty points north, little sunlight comes directly in the prow windows. Even so, the indirect sunlight created a glare and fading problem. The window tint has eliminated the problem.

  36. The driveway is cemented for parking and for the basketball hoop.

The Builders of Mountain Majesty
Thank you!


Dan Adams - Contractor

Lisa Adams - Financial operations, ideas specialist, peacekeeper, cheerleader

Mike Adams - Plumber

Nathan Adams - Tree excavation, foundation, framing, roof trusses

Natalie Adams - cleaning

Silas Allen - building inspector

Nilsa Algarin - clean and polish of vinyl floor

Ricky Beavers - staining

Jennifer Bell - bank loan

Pete Birdwell - Foreman

Kevin Bosse - framing, trim

Tim Braun - landscape and furniture storage

Brian Burch - carpet installation

Liz Burley - trim staining

Susannah Burley Wisley - paint priming

Karen Campbell - lighting

Helen Cassriel - window blinds

Ray Chally - free lodging at their cabin, help with the move

Betty Chally - free lodging at their cabin, pizza and apple pie lunch on moving day

Randy Costello - pianting

Neal Darrow - trim staining, ditch digging, moving, rock cleaning, house cleaning, railing buttons

Carol Darrow - trim staining, cleaning

Mike Darrow - trim staining, landscaping, ditch digging

Jenny Darrow - trim staining

Ed Dawes - roof trusses, framing

Janice Davy - siding staining

Teri Dike - trim staining

Dan Doherty - roof trusses

Mike Erwin - bank inspector

Tweeter Evans - carpet purchase

Dave Froeming - kitchen and vanity doors, jacuzzi cherrywood cabinet, mantle, trim staining

Debbie Darrow Froeming - trim staining

Nathan Gittner - trim staining

Suzzannah Gittner - trim staining

Chuck Grant - drywall

Mike Hamby - bank officer

Sam Harrington - custom glass

Jim Hartsook - paint primer

Deborah Hartsook - paint primer

Kirk Henke - retaining wall stucco

Tony Hogsed - landscaping, window cleaning

Jim Jones - carpentry and general projects

Doug Langmack - trim staining

JoEllen Langmack - trim staining, cheerleader

John Loud - home security and automation system

Lee Montgomery - driveway cement

Lisa Morgan - trim staining, cleaning, trim staining, move, trim staining, cleaning, cheerleader, trim staining, cleaning

Chuck Newcombe - home theater system design and installation

Edgard Nieves - wood and trash burning

Rex Norton - jacuzzi and vanity marble

Eric Pair - siding staining, move, cleaning

Robert Parkhill - framing

Dick and Sherry Payne - delicious dinners every weekend during construction

Marquitta Portman - staining, painting, cleaning, wood and trash burning

Ken Rutter - Lightning protection system

Vernon Scharer - roof trusses, railing

Betty Jo Scharer - railing

Roy Stiglich - home security and automation system

Danny Stratton - heat and air

Peggy Taylor - furniture storage

Leon Teems - Insulation

Robert Truett - excavation

Danny Truett - excavation

Tom Trull - electrician

Joe Trzcinski - framing

Ken Watson - cabinets, countertops, bookshelves

Dave Wilson - siding, trim, laundry cabinet

Lisa and Brad Waggoner - cheerleaders

Michael Wagner - siding staining, home decoration consulting

Angela Wagner - siding staining, home decorations consulting, cheerleader

Paul Whitehouse - trim staining, paint primer

Mary Whitehouse - trim staining, paint primer

Danny Wood - deck staining, painting, landscaping, window cleaning, miscellaneous projects

Mike Worley - door locks

Eugene Young - home theater installation


Adams Construction and Realty - overall coordination

Advanced Lightning Control - lightning protection

American Flagsource - Flagpole

Andrews Truss - roof trusses

Benjamin Moore Paints - paint

Boyd's Countertops - Ken - kitchen and vanity cabinets

C&S Heating and Air - heat, air, water heater

Capitol Propane - propane

Carolina Community Bank - bank

Carpet Mart - flooring

Central Termite - termite and pest protection

City Lock - door locks

Curtis Glass - fixed glass, mirrors

Depot Power Center - generator

Dickey's Supply Company - most wood and construction supplies

DirecTV - satellite t.v. service

Ferguson Enterprises - jacuzzi, hunter green shower and toilet, kitchen sink

GTE - telephone service

Harting Appliance - appliances

Haywood Savings Bank - bank

Hi Fi Buys - tv's and home theater components

Home Depot - more than I care to remember

HomePlace - kitchen place settings, supplies and bedroom linens

Hughes Electric - electrical supplies and stain

Jennifer's Glass Works - custom cross glass

Lazy Boy Furniture - living room furniture

Miller Well drilling - ditch digging

Mother Nature Rocks - rocks and hearth

Montgomery Concrete - driveway concrete

Postel Concrete - concrete

Rhodes Furniture - master bedroom furniture and living room tables

Roberd's - kitchen table and chairs

Rooms to Go - loft sofa

Ryder Truck Rental - moving truck

Sears - window blinds

Seasonal Concepts - patio furniture

Southern Cultured Marble - jacuzzi and vanity marble

State Farm Insurance - home insurance

Tri City Siding - siding

Valor Enterprises - shower and tub doors

Walmart - more than I care to remember

Wayne's Feed Store - grass seed