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These pictures were taken during the Mountain Majesty Open House and Dedication on October 25, 1997. This was a very special day for me and for Mountain Majesty. Thank you to the 75 family and friends who made the trip and shared in this memorable occasion!

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Picture Descriptions

  1. The cake looked like Mountain Majesty!

  2. The flag raising ceremony. Dad raised the American Flag. Father Pat from Notre Dame and Dad raised the Notre Dame flag.

  3. The flags reach the top of the flagpole.

  4. Amy, Eugene, and Lisa enjoy the party.

  5. Chuck gets a picture with the helicopter in the background.

  6. The helicopter arrives as a cloud passes by Mountain Majesty.

  7. Guests start coming out of Mountain Majesty.

  8. The flag raising ceremony is underway.

  9. Guests spread out on the deck for the final picture.

  10. The perfect helicopter shot of Mountain Majesty and all the guests. This picture has been used on the main page of this web page, on my return address labels, and as the basis for the Mountain Majesty Christmas card. Thanks to Mike W. for the helicopter shots!

  11. Dan and Pete unveil the Mountain Majesty cornerstone rock. Inscribed on the rock is "Contractor - Dan Adams, Foreman - Pete Birdwell, Designed by - Tom Darrow, October 25, 1997."

  12. Lisa and Brad enjoying the party. They referred me to Dan and Lisa in 1994 which initiated the land purchase and the beginning of the dream.

  13. Teri and Marquitta chat during the party.

  14. Tim and Father Jack enjoy the party.

  15. Tim, Lisa, Teri and I sit by the fireplace. Lisa came in from Seattle and Teri from Wisconsin. This reunion gave us a chance to remember our times together the summer before at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

  16. Father Jack and Father Pat relax in the living room. A preview of Vatican III?

  17. The Paynes take a break in the kitchen. They catered the party and provided an extensive and delicious selection of food!

  18. I enjoy the party with Beverly and Liz.

  19. Everyone finds a seat in the living room, up the stairs and in the loft as the ceremony begins. I thank everyone for coming and share the inspiration for Mountain Majesty and the story behind it's name.

  20. I share with everyone about Mom and Dad.....THE BEST parents of all!

  21. I share the quality craftsmanship and some funny building stories with real estate agent and contractor Dan and Lisa. "Dan" is the answer to many questions, including, "Who stacked all the fireplace rock?" and "Who painted the ceiling?"

  22. I share the quality craftsmanship and dedication of foreman Pete. Pete is responsible for all of the wood trim including the tv stand, bench and cup holder, railing, beams, etc., etc.

  23. I thank Lisa for her friendship and hard work in building Mountain Majesty. Lisa, when are you coming back?......there's more staining to do!!

  24. I thank JoEllen for her friendship and for her gift of the cross glass to Mountain Majesty.

  25. Linda sings, "In this Very Room."

  26. Father Pat shares stories of me at Notre Dame and leads us in prayer.

  27. Angela sings, "MAJESTY!".

  28. After most guests headed home (and after the Notre Dame victory!), Father Pat and Father Jack con-celebrate Mass.