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Angela and Michael W.
Seattle, WA

"Mountain Majesty fits it's name!"
Ray and Betty C.
Jonesboro, GA

"We really appreciate being allowed to come with Michelle and John to Mountain Majesty. What a wonderful place to commune with nature and God!!  This is truly a beautiful place you have built. As Carter said we can see your signature all over it! May God bless you as you enjoy your new home in the days to come."
Carter and Glenda M.
Cairo, GA

"Thank you so much for letting our small group have a wonderful 'retreat' in  your beautiful Mountain Majesty. We have truly enjoyed every amenity here (especially the M&M's!) and the architecture that let's us view God's handiwork of the mountains. Thanks for sharing so freely with us, and blessing others with what God has blessed you with!"
Liz B., Debbie, V., Laurie Leigh R., Catherine S., Tammy D., Elyse B., Cristy, J
Atlanta, GA

"UNBELIEVABLE!! We had a relaxing, peaceful, quiet, rejuvenating, wonderful time. Thank you so much for sharing Mountain Majesty with us. Can we come back soon???"
Dave and Debbie F.
Neenah, WI

"Thanks a million for the time of our life! Your generosity is overwhelming! Now we have experienced a little piece of paradise here on earth. Your house is truly 'Majestic' and the view is spectacular!"
John and Christina C.
Alpharetta, GA

"I loved Mountain Majesty! Thinking about God while looking at the stars last night was great. I do believe God used this house and the surroundings to bring glory to Him."
David B.
Oxford, MS

"Once again, thank you for your hospitality in opening up your beautiful home. No matter how many times we come, I am still in awe of God's creation. Thank you for ministering to us and so many others by sharing Mountain Majesty."
Doug and JoEllen L.
Marietta, GA

"It was a real blessing to share your beautiful home. It was so relaxing to enjoy your mountain view. I'll never forget my time here!"
Robert and Margaret B.
Youngstown, OH

"What a blessing!! What a blessing! The greatest home away from home! So beautiful....so peaceful...so relaxing...God is so good...Thank you for sharing the love of God with us."
Bob and Ann M.
Marietta, GA

"Now I know what an eagle experiences while perched on a mountain top! The view is breathtaking, relaxing and revitalizing. Thanks for sharing this perfect hide-away! Your gift of giving has touched all of us."
Catherine S.
Atlanta, GA

"Hey man! I slept on your new hammock and almost was eaten by a bear! It was a great time."
John W.
West Lafayette, IN

"A real hole-in-one Tom!"
Van T.
Marietta, GA